My Story

​I discovered HypnoBirthing while sitting in my midwife’s waiting room. 

Their lending library had many titles but this book held my attention. I borrowed it and read with great eagerness. 

It spoke to me deeply. 

I had developed a significant fear of childbirth over my lifetime. The messages I received from people and the media had influenced my decision to postpone pregnancy until I was 38. 

Hypnobirthing and supporting books changed this for me. 

Having completed a university degree in Cultural Anthropology led me deeper into the cultural traditions of childbirth. Then, after completing my Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainability, I realized that HypnoBirthing also fit perfectly with my commitment to living with environmental awareness and a sustainable lifestyle. Using fewer resources and interventions for a healthy birth is ideal for Mothers and babies whenever possible. 

I practiced the Mongan Method for several months of my pregnancy. My conversations with my Midwife changed my thoughts and beliefs regarding what my body is capable of. Our bodies have evolved the ability & inner knowledge to carry and bear children with power and grace. ​ 

The confidence and knowledge I gained from HypnoBirthing carried me through my pregnancy and unique birth story. I held a newfound sense of personal agency and enthusiasm while simultaneously being relaxed and immersed in peace. A beautiful, healthy baby was born! 

I lent my books to friends who were expecting and spread my enthusiasm for HypnoBirthing. 

We have the power to change the birthing story! 

In 2018, I attended the HypnoBirthing Education Course so I could share this wisdom and method with expectant parents. 

The Mongan Method, developed by Maria Mongan over 30 years ago has grown to international prominence. Moms and babies are experiencing births that are powerful, intentional and glorious. I teach this pre-natal class in 5 sessions, 3 hours each, which will guide the mother and a companion, if she so chooses, to develop a birth plan and experiences that can be empowering. 

My personal experience with HypnoBirthing has inspired me to teach this method. ​ 

I know it works and it changed my experience and expectations. HypnoBirthing will work for you, too.